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// LXTV - George to the Rescue: Olivia's New Kitchen

LXTV - George to the Rescue - Olivia's New Kitchen

After young Olivia's dad, Chuck, fell victim to colon cancer, 10-year-old Olivia started to harness her talent in baking to raise money to combat the disease. Designing t-shirts and crafting treats to sell ended up turning over profits, all of which Olivia donated to the American Cancer Society. With a limited kitchen, Olivia and the family need an expansion in her cook space in order for her to grow her project further.

// Rockaway family gets kitchen 'Rescue'

// 'Sweet Livy's' passion for baking wins Rockaway Twp. family kitchen from TV crew

ROCKAWAY TWP. — When Livy O’Donnell’s father, Chuck, 48, was diagnosed with cancer last year, plans to expand the family kitchen for Livy’s baking were put on hold.

Livy, 8, has done a lot since then to hone her craft. She put her passion for baking to good use, including gaining an apprenticeship at Ava’s Cupcakes in Rockaway, and baking hundreds of cupcakes to benefit the American Cancer Society for Relay for Life.

Most importantly for the O’Donnell family, Chuck is now healthy, finished with treatment and in remission, the family says.

“Even through all this, Livy still takes everything in stride,” said her mother, Jamie O’Donnell, 44, “happy to do what she can to help, and still just as thrilled when everyone enjoys her cupcakes.”

It’s safe to say that Livy was happy, even if her small home kitchen limited her baking potential.

Enter, George.
A state-of-the-art kitchen

A family friend familiar with Livy’s story submitted the O’Donnell family for “George to the Rescue,” an NBC show hosted by home improvement specialist George Oliphant. After hearing the O’Donnell’s story, the show scouted the O’Donnell home six weeks ago and immediately fell for the family and their story.

While showing the crew the kitchen during scouting, Jamie O’Donnell said Livy was “brutally honest” with the its faults.

“She’d never complain about it, but when they asked Livy what was wrong she pointed out everything,” said Jamie O’Donnell.

Before telling the family they were chosen for the show, producers found contractors and designers willing to donate their time and efforts to build the family a state-of-the-art kitchen.

“We’re going to make a more pragmatic baker’s kitchen so Livy can continue to hone her craft and allow her to keep doing what she’s doing,” said Alex Gittleson, segment producer. “Specifically George will fix issues of space and appliances.”

Helping renovate the kitchen is Jeff Silverberg, owner of J Silver Design Build, who knew the family friend that recommended the O’Donnell’s for the show. Silverberg has worked with “George to the Rescue” on eight shows, but said this one is more personal. He’s originally from Rockaway and it means something for him to return home for a good cause.

“I know the family was going through a tough time and wanted to come home and help,” Silverberg said. “When we’re finished, the place will look amazing.”

He plans to install custom cabinets and special features he doesn’t want to spoil for the family.

“We’re still working on the design, but once we get in there, we’ll turn it around in under two weeks,” said Silverberg.

Next came the fun part. Wanting to maintain the element of surprise, producers told the family they would come Wednesday morning for a final set of casting interviews. Instead, Oliphant and his cameras showed up at 8 a.m. to let them know his crew was coming to the rescue.

“That was really cool,” Livy said.

The crew will return to build the kitchen on July 15.

“The show will be about Livy and Chuck,” said Gittleson. “What Chuck went through and how it showed Livy she could triumph over challenges, foster her talent, and make sure it’s not stifled. “
Cupcakes for sale at Relay for Life

But before Livy has a brand new kitchen, she still needs to bake hundreds of cupcakes in preparation for Relay for Life Saturday at Gardner Field in Denville. Livy hopes too sell all 700 cupcakes she’s made with all proceeds benefitting the American Cancer Society.

“We’ll have peanut butter cup, vanilla with purple frosting, lemon drop, Oreo, and I made chocolate and thin mint ones at home,” she said.

Livy baked about 200 cupcakes at home and the rest at Ava’s, where she made 500 on Thursday.

“I’m having a ball at Ava’s and learning a lot,” she said.

Ava’s Cupcakes owner Michelle Spell said Livy is a hard worker and an old soul. “Livy’s been great. There’s more than meets the eye with her,” said Spell. “What she has puts her head and shoulders above others her age.”

Livy’s original goal for Relay was to raise $1,000, but now she’s poised to at least triple that amount.

Aiding the fundraiser are her “Sweet Livy’s” T-shirts, bright pink featuring the design of her future bakery. She’s sold more than 100 shirts since she got the first shipment a few weeks ago.

“This whole year has been so overwhelming,” said Jamie. “I’m glad it’s all ending so positively, the whole family.”

The O’Donnell’s kitchen makeover is scheduled to premiere on “George to the Rescue” at 10 a.m. Oct. 19 in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

Relay for Life of Hub Lakes in Denville begins at 6 p.m. Saturday on Gardner Field. Registration begins two hours earlier, and all are invited to attend.

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// LXTV - Bathroom Expansion
// LXTV - To The Rescue: Lackluster Laundry Room

// Silverberg designs master bathroom for family on ‘OpenHouse NYC’

A new bathroom is keeping the peace in the Stozenski family. The Montville residents had a master bathroom which Carolyn Stozenski described as "tiny and very awkward."

She explained, "The entry door swung into the shower door and it was difficult to give a shower to my one son and keep track of the other. Additionally, my husband and I were always fighting for space at the sink and we did not want to set a bad example for our children."

Fortunately, Stozenski contacted the To The Rescue segment of the television show "OpenHouse NYC" which appears on NBC. Its star, George Oliphant brought calm to the household with an improved bathroom that includes a double vanity and according to Stozenski, a "huge rain shower."

Oliphant did not work alone. He enlisted the help of local vendors including a Boonton-based cabinet maker and Montville resident, Jeff Silverberg of Boxtree Homes, who designed the new master bathroom.

Although the Stozenskis were able to see some of the materials Silverberg used, the bathroom's new appearance remained a mystery until the room was completed.

"The finished product exceeded our expectations. It is so beautiful and functional," said Stozenski, who added, "We could not be happier."

A camera crew set up shop in the family's home for one week in order to document the makeover. Stozenski described the time as "exciting." Saying, "The entire crew was really nice and so friendly. It was such a great experience."

The Stozenski's new bathroom appeared on the Jan. 24 episode and can be viewed on the show's Web site at and click on To The Rescue.