Below you will find links to some of the solutions which we provide. Please feel free to contact us at any time for additional information.

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Step 1 // Construction Management

On large projects in which an owner wishes to assume the role of the general contractor, J Silver can supervise all subcontractors and phases of construction on your behalf.

Working under a fee-based arrangement, we'll plan, coordinate, and maintain control of your project from inception to completion. This entails securing reputable bids, negotiating the purchase of quality materials, and ensuring every aspect of your project is completed according to code and schedule. And when the unforeseen does occur, we work with your vendors and subcontractors to find solutions without compromise to budget.

Our Construction Management offers the advantage of J Silver's comprehensive industry expertise while alleviating you of attending to the complexities that often arise in many large-scale projects.

Step 2 // Design Build

It's part of our name for a reason. Design-Build is a method that allows owners to realize efficiencies and fiscally optimize every part of the construction/renovation process.

From design, to bid, to completion, and beyond, J Silver Design Build serves as the single point of entry for overseeing all parties and components of your project - keeping both your vision and budget intact.

Too often, a project begins with an architect whose design triggers bids beyond an owner's budget. Consolidating both the design and the build, J Silver eliminates that problem because we select the right architect to design within your parameters. We know what materials cost and understand where potential unwelcome expenses may loom. And our attention to your pocketbook applies just as much to the interior designer working under our umbrella as it does to any cabinetry or tile we suggest.

Plus, by integrating the design and the construction, your project finishes faster. Low risk, economies of time and cost, quicker service, and a unifying vision. That's Design-Build. That's why it's part of our name.

Step 3 // Design-Bid-Build

While we encourage customers to work with J Silver under a Design-Build arrangement, we're also happy to step in after the design is complete. With the same passion that marks our managed projects, we'll bring to life the plans you bring to us.

Under the traditional Design-Bid-Build arrangement, we will bid the design/drawings as specified by your architect and provide a preliminary budget estimate at our first meeting. However, at J Silver, we go beyond the traditional so we can present a true picture of what the project will cost. For a small retainer, we will provide a complete budget analysis with line-by-line costing, including potential allowances, so that you can be 100 percent confident that the budget we present will not change. And once contracts are signed, your retainer is totally refunded.

Attention to detail, full disclosure, your peace of mind—that’s what guides J Silver in winning your confidence and achieving your satisfaction from your project’s beginning to its end.